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Fixed Price Fares  //  Connecting A to B

Fixed Price fares is something taxi companies have been offering for years now. The problem is that barely anyone is aware of them. We see Fixed Price Fares ads as a fantastic opportunity for taxi companies to offer their services for routes that are in high demand but have poor public transport coverage. It’s a shame to see such great idea not being used to its potential just because there’s no way for people to learn about it.

Well we think we’ve finally got a solution here. Taxi companies can now advertise one or more Fixed Price Fares using our unique Irish Taxi Ad Platform. Using the latest GPS technology available in most smartphones we can display only relevant Fixed Price Fares to our users. This means that our users only see Fixed Price Fares that apply from their location. Such deals can be turned on to display one way or both and at any hours of the day to so you have full flexibility over when and how to advertise them. It’s informative, simple and efficient!

In addition to listing all available Fixed Price Fares in user’s location we’ve added another great feature to promote them even further. Something we’ve noticed is that a lot of our users have been using our Fare Estimator to check the taxi fares before travelling. Based on that insight we created a smart advertising solution we call “Deal Suggestions”. Whenever someone looks up a taxi fare between two points using our “Fare Estimator”, the app automatically finds any available “Fixed Price Fare” ads for that route and recommends them to the user. After seeing the ad it is very likely that the person will choose to call a taxi company offering a discounted price for the selected journey rather then pay a full price on the meter.

Here’s a full list of benefits when using our “Fixed Rate Fare” advertising services:

  • High consumer reach
  • Ads are only targeted at people who are looking to call a taxi
  • Discount ads can be made visible only at desired days of the week or hours of the day
  • Accurate reports and sale conversion rates
  • Deal Suggestions
  • Cost effective
  • Accurate monthly usage reports

For more information get in touch with us at or by completing a form on our contact page.

Fixed Price Fare Examples:

Example 1.

Deal Title: South Dublin to Dublin Airport – 40Eur

Deal Description: Call us today if you are planning to take a taxi to the airport. We offer a fixed taxi fare from anywhere on south side of Dublin to Dublin airport for just 40Eur. This deal could save you up to 50Eur so make sure you use our service for your airport fare.

Terms and Conditions: Applies every day. For prebooked journeys only. When booking mention that you’d like the 40Eur deal applied to your fare.

Location: From South Dublin – To Dublin Airport

Dates Deal is Available: Jan 1, 2011 – Jul 1, 2011

Times Deal is on: All day, every day.


Example 2.

Deal Title: Dublin to Oxegen Festival – 50Eur

Deal Description: For all the 2011 Oxegen goers here’s a great deal that will save you money and get you to Oxegen Festival with all your gear and beer for 50 Eur.

Terms and Conditions: – Applies only going to Oxegen and not back.- No one covered in mud will be allowed into the car.- Up to 4 passengers.- Will take as much of your stuff as can be fitted into the boot.

Location: From Anywhere Co. Dublin - To Naas, Co, Kildare

Dates Deal is Available: Jul 1, 2011 – Jul 10, 2011

Times Deal is on: Every day 10am – 10pm